Wellness Spotlight Series: Roo of RooGetsLifted

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Wellness Spotlight Series: Roo of RooGetsLifted

Working with talented, unique, and compassionate individuals and brands is something we strive to cultivate within our community here at The Healing Rose. Many of these entrepreneurs have amazing stories to tell and wise words to offer. We are pleased to shine a spotlight on Rachel (Roo) who goes by, “RooGetsLifted” on social media where […]

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The Importance of Digital Detoxing

In 2020 our phones, TVs, and tablets are the world’s main line of connection and oftentimes community. Although these tools and platforms are great and have brought together millions of people from around the globe for great causes, too much of a good thing can be too much of a good thing. Over-consumption of technology […]

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Retailer Spotlight Series: Emily Kanter of Cambridge Naturals

Q: For those who don’t know, please tell us a bit about yourself, Cambridge Naturals, as well as your parents and how they founded the business? Cambridge Naturals was founded in 1974 by my parents Michael and Elizabeth, who were then 23 years old. They were motivated by the politics of food – witnessing the […]

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Retailer Spotlight Series: Scott Sparks of Vermont Hempicurean

We are thrilled to feature Scott Sparks, Owner of Vermont Hempicurean, in our newest Spotlight Series Feature. Scott is incredibly thoughtful about the brands he carries, and he puts a really heavy focus on supporting local, small business. Stepping inside the beautiful store, it’s easy to spend hours looking through the selection and talking to […]

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Retailer Spotlight Series: Beverly & Robert of Wicked Chronic

Our Spotlight Q&A Series continues with a feature of a unique and holistic wellness boutique in Natick, MA, Wicked Chronic! Owners Beverly and Robert Barish create a welcoming environment for all adults of all ages, and have a wide variety of offerings from many local, small businesses. Wicked Chronic holds a special place in our […]

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How to Enhance Your Yoga Practice Using CBD Body Care

By: Jess Palmer, The Healing Rose Customer Relationship Manager In today’s world, we are running off of coffee, social media, and our to-do lists that we often miss out on what is happening right in front of us. This non-stop grind can cause tension, stress, and overall discontent in our lives if we don’t find […]

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Retailer Spotlight Series: Kirby Mastrangelo of Hempire

   The Healing Rose is excited to be continuing this blog series, which puts a spotlight on companies and individuals that we work with. The Healing Rose has the honor to work with many amazing and unique businesses and professionals that are dynamic in their services and offerings, one including Kirby Mastrangelo of the popular […]