Meet Our Team

We are proud to be a family owned, woman-led small business

Laura Beohner, CEO & Co-Founder

Laura Beohner is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Healing Rose, which was founded in 2016 after Laura’s dislocated kneecap injury helped her to discover the power of topicals that are infused with a synergy of cannabinoids, herbs, and essential oils. The Healing Rose is an organic hemp cannabinoid MDAR-licensed manufacturer based in Newburyport, MA.

As a mmj patient for 10+ years, Laura is passionate about helping other understand the benefits of cannabis and hemp. She believes it’s important to educate consumers about the different options for consumption methods, and that everybody’s Endocannabinoid System is unique to them, and so is everyone’s journey with cannabinoids.

Laura is a sought-after public speaker for conventions and trade shows all over New England for the past 8+ years. Laura is the Director and Founder of the Massachusetts Hemp Coalition. Additionally, Laura is on the Board of Directors for Elevate Northeast and is on the Board of Directors for Northeast Sustainable Hemp Association (NOSHA). The Healing Rose won the 2023 NECANN Community Award for “Champion in Corporate Social Responsibility” and the 2018 award for “Best New England  Company. THR’s topicals have received the “Best Topical” award in 6 different competitions. Laura won the 2020 NECANN Community Award for “Massachusetts Cannabis Activist of the Year”.

In Laura’s free time, she enjoys coaching girls softball and basketball, spending time with her daughters, fiancé, and pets, and exploring new places in the world. Laura’s hobbies include camping, hiking, biking, bowling, shooting hoops, and yoga.  Laura is also a mentor through EforAll Merrimack Valley.


Zach McInnis, COO & Co-Founder

Prior to starting The Healing Rose in 2016 with his fiancé Laura, Zach McInnis was a trained chef for nearly 10 years and went to culinary school right out of high school. For a year prior to launching, Zach dove into the world of organic skincare formulating and attended several classes and programs. He also continues to educate himself on hemp/cannabis and the various cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds.

Zach has the mind of a master formulator and is solely responsible for creating all of The Healing Rose’s products and formulations. As COO, Zach oversees the day to day operations of our production team, ensuring that our products are made consistently and in compliance with our organic certification and manufacturing standards. Zach takes a great amount of pride in helping others through using cannabinoids to improve their lives and to understand the science behind how they work with our bodies.

Zach’s hobbies including spending time with his two daughters, two dogs and two cats. He loves the White Sox, camping, traveling, learning new things, and creating intricate, flavorful food at home for his family.


Shannon - Production Manager

From the coast of Massachusetts, Shannon has always been a cannabis enthusiast with a passion for healing. At the beginning of college she started to have stomach issues, and throughout the years she had exhausted efforts, doctors and many medications. With a laundry list of side effects from the medications, she needed a more natural way to heal. She turned to the mother plant, cannabis, and started ingesting CBD. She is extremely happy to learn more in depth about CBD, and be part of a company helping others be in charge of their own healing too. In her free time, you can catch her enjoying live music, the outdoors and writing.

Megan - Production Team Member

When Megan was first introduced to the benefits of CBD, it quickly became a staple in her daily wellness ritual. Since 2018, CBD has played an essential role in assisting her achieve a balanced state of mind and a greater sense of well-being. She lives a very active lifestyle as a yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast and has found CBD to be a positive way to relax, unwind, and recover from her day. She harbors a great joy for mindful living and firmly believes that CBD is the perfect way to kickstart your day in a calm and focused state. Megan is a Newburyport resident who feels great pride in being a part of this community. In her free time you will find her biking around town, walking her dog, and on her yoga mat.

Melissa - Production Team Member

Originally from New York but truly a New Englander at heart, Melissa has held a decade-long passion for cannabis & an ongoing desire to educate herself and others of its many benefits. Witnessing how cannabinoids lessened the effects of chemotherapy on her mother during an ill-fated battle with metastatic lung cancer in 2012 cemented her belief in this miraculous plant. Melissa believes that cannabis is an avenue to natural healing and as a customer of The Healing Rose has been incorporating CBD into her daily wellness routine and that of her dog for several years. A life-long love of helping others combined with this passion for the plant put her on a path that lead to the opportunity to join a company that shares so many of her own principles. When not in the lab, Melissa seeks joy by immersing herself in nature whenever possible, cooking, traveling, and playing with her dog.

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