Lab Results

Full Panel 3rd Lab Results for Hemp Extracts

We LOVE Customers who expect and ask for Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for both starting CBD extract, as well as for finished products. For every single batch of CBD extract that we use, we make sure to have 3rd party lab testing on all of the following…every time, no exceptions.

  1. Cannabinoid Profile & Potency
  2. Heavy Metals
  3. Microbiological Contaminants
  4. Pesticide Analysis
  5. Mycotoxin ScreeningΒ 
  6. Terpene Profile (when applicable)
  7. Residual Solvents (for any extracts that aren’t supercritical CO2 aka solventless)

The Lab Results Below are listed below in order, starting with the most recent batch.

HE73 - Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD CO2 Hemp Oil

HE73: Full Panel COA

HE72 - CBC Isolate

HE72: Full Panel COA

HE70 - CBN Isolate

HE70: Full Panel COA

HE66 - CBC Distillate

HE66: Full Panel COA

HE63 - Certified Organic Broad Spectrum CBD CO2 Hemp Oil

HE63: Full Panel COA

HE62 - Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD CO2 Hemp Oil

HE62: Full Panel COA

HE57 - 1:1 CBD:CBG Full Spectrum Extract

HE57: Full Panel COA

HE54- CBN Isolate

HE54: Full Panel COA

HE53- CBD Distillate (Rich in THC-V & CBD-V)

HE53: Full Panel COA

HE52- Certified Organic CBG CO2 Distillate

HE52: Full Panel COA

3rd Party Lab Results for All Finished Products

All of our products are made with Industrial Hemp that is below 0.3% THC.

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