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The Healing Rose’s New Massage & Body Oils: Revolutionizing Relaxation with Enhanced CBD & CBG Formulas

The Healing Rose, a trusted pioneer in the organic wellness space, is proud to announce an exceptional upgrade to our Massage & Body Oils line. In our constant pursuit of crafting products that offer profound healing and purposefully chosen botanicals, we’ve upgraded our formulations, providing a new level of efficacy without increasing the cost to our valued customers.

Twice as Much CBD for Unmatched Support

Our popular Lavender and Unscented Massage & Body Oils now contain twice as much CBD, amplifying the restorative benefits you know and love. We made sure to keep our prices steady, honoring our commitment to affordability, creating value, and customer satisfaction.

Introducing CBG for Elevated Relief

Taking innovation a step further, our Lemon Ginger Massage Oil now boasts a major improvement with a 2:1 ratio of CBD to CBG. This combination has been to offer a significant increase in support and effectiveness, striving to set new benchmarks in the world of infused massages.

A Beloved Classic Returns

A fan favorite, the Rose Massage & Body Oil, makes its grand return, now with an improved formula with the same revolutionary 2:1 CBD to CBG formulation and herbal infusions of Provence rose, arnica, and calendula. Its return has been highly anticipated, and it’s sure to make a lot of our long-time customers very happy to see that it’s available again and better than before.

Craftsmanship Is Our Signature

At The Healing Rose, we take pride in our unyielding dedication to the craft. Our offerings are composed of 100% certified organic and unrefined carrier oils, aromatics, and herbal infusions. The star ingredients, full-spectrum CBD and CBG extracts, are carefully sourced from within Massachusetts and are extracted using an organic supercritical CO2 process for unmatched purity and potency.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Our oils have become a staple in the practices of hundreds of Massage Therapists (LMTs) and prestigious Wellness Spas across the country. We strive to bestow upon them, and the clients they serve, an improved product that brings more support and relief without any additional financial burden. It’s a testament to our steadfast belief in nurturing well-being without compromise.

Laura Beohner, CEO & Co-Founder, articulates the team’s enthusiasm surrounding this release:

>”For us, we have found that the 2x strength products are dramatically more effective for support than the 1x levels. It only made sense for us to take the Lavender and Unscented Massage Oils from the 1x strength to the 2x strength without changing pricing so we can offer more value to our customers. What I am more excited about is the improvements in the Lemon Ginger & Rose Massage & Body Oils, which go from 2x CBD only to 3x with a 2:1 ratio of CBD to CBG. This addition of CBG makes a really big difference in how the product works with our body’s Endocannabinoid System. We are so excited to hear feedback from our existing customers on the new formulas!”

The Healing Rose invites massage therapists, wellness centers, dispensaries, medspas, and organic skincare aficionados to experience the improved benefits of our newly-formulated oils. 

For further details and to explore the ingredients and benefits of our Massage & Body Oils, we warmly welcome you to visit The Healing Rose website

About The Healing Rose Company

The Healing Rose is an organic cannabinoid wellness company founded in 2016 and based in Newburyport, MA. Their commitment to using only 100% certified organic ingredients whenever possible, along with purposefully chosen botanicals, has earned them a reputation for being some of the highest quality non-psychoactive wellness products on the market.


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