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Our collection of CBD massage oils are made with high quality, full spectrum hemp extract as well as our own proprietary blends of organic herbal ingredients like lavender, ginger, and lemon extract.

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There’s nothing like a professional massage. If you’ve had the privilege of experiencing one for yourself, you know how powerful they can feel. A massage can have all sorts of amazing benefits for the body. And here at The Healing Rose, we believe that the right massage oil can amplify those benefits while bringing an elevated sense of luxuriousness and relaxation to the experience.

What to Expect from our CBD Massage Oils

Our Lemon Ginger Massage & Body Oil is infused with lemon essential oil, which adds a refreshing aroma and acts as a rejuvenating spark. We’ve also included ginger which assists in healing your skin. Menthol balances this mixture out with a cooling sensation, leaving your body feeling relaxed yet refreshed.

Our Lavender Massage & Body Oil also contains vitamin e oil. We love lavender because, along with a pleasant aroma, it brings with it the ability to lighten skin, fight acne, and lessen wrinkles. This makes lavender a wonderful addition to a body oil..

Getting your first CBD massage?

Make sure you know exactly what your Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) is using! We highly suggest using our products if you’re interested in trying a CBD massage for the first time. Lots of the times, you can ask your LMT about bringing your own massage oil. We list each and every ingredient on our website and on the product labels themselves so that you know exactly what you’re getting. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions!

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