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Celebrate Cannabinoids & Community on International Women’s Day

Photo Credit: Different Leaf Magazine, Summer 2019 Issue #1

The National Women’s History Alliance chose “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” as the theme for Women’s History Month 2024. The Healing Rose is a woman-led and woman-owned brand, and this year’s theme has led to reflection about our roots and our role in the community.

When we founded The Healing Rose in 2016, cannabis was a rapidly evolving industry. From regulators to venture capitalists, a host of new eyes fell upon founders working with topicals and edibles, THC and CBD, and everything in between. We are incredibly thankful to be part of the development of a cannabinoid economy in Massachusetts and a renaissance in our industry, but it takes continued advocacy and active support for women in business to keep CBD from becoming yet another male-dominated industry lacking diversity.

Just a few years ago, venture capital injections favored the typical movers-and-shakers, and it looked like a lot of consumers were okay with that. Just last year, several people rocked t-shirts emblazoned with “Buy Weed from Rich White Men” at a major convention. Women in business supporting one other and collaboratively advocating for shared goals changes this balance. The Healing Rose has thrived due to immense support from other women in the cannabis industry, especially those here in New England, from dispensary owners and brand builders to activists and event organizers. That’s why we’re taking a moment on International Women’s Day to celebrate the woman-owned brands building a new era for cannabis in our Massachusetts home. 

Cannabis Excellence on the Coast

The cannabis industry is flourishing today because there are so many ways passionate people can build a truly meaningful business. From cultivation and manufacturing to retail and ecommerce, these businesses help consumers feel happier and live healthier lives. Woman-owned Coast Cannabis, led by CEO Angela Brown, aims to inspire and empower everyone to be their best selves by putting only the highest-quality ingredients into their chocolates, infused gummies, and vaporizers. Coast Cannabis and The Healing Rose share the belief that everything going into cannabis and hemp products should be safe, wholesome, and free from additives.

Education and Care for All in Haverhill

As prohibition ends, more people than ever are trying hemp and cannabis products. Education is crucial. Caroline Pineau, CEO & Co-Founder of Stem Haverhill prioritizes individual and community education to improve the perception of the cannabis plant and empower those who use it. Declaratively happy, handcrafted and helpful, Stem Haverhill aims to help people explore their love of cannabis. Healing Rose shoppers can find our Organic CBD Lip Balm and more at Stem.

Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit in Northern Mass

As recently as 2022, just under 20% of cannabis businesses were owned by women. Dispensaries are the retail front of our industry, and have the power to change the game by elevating woman-owned brands products that are better for consumers. You will find a plethora of local brands on the shelves of Full Harvest Moonz, a women-owned dispensary in Lowell and Haverhill that emphasizes holistic health and giving back to the community by stocking only the highest quality hemp and cannabis products. With backgrounds in community outreach and cannabinoid healthcare, founders Janet Kupris and Michaela Ristuccia aim to elevate the full potential of cannabis as a healing plant as awareness and legalization rise. 

Women Hold Everything Together

Woman-run Calyx Berkshire in Great Barrington is named after the female part of the cannabis flower. “Calyxes are located at the base of the flower and hold everything together,” just like women, the dispensary says.  It’s the perfect message to elevate on International Women’s Day, because the women in the New England cannabis industry have held together and built a marketplace together. Calyx takes pride in a vision of cannabis that brings relaxation, relief, and fun, which is why they stock  our best-selling Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, CBN Isolate, & more!  Their CEO & Founder Donna Norman has been a huge supporter of The Healing Rose for years, and we are so proud of what Donna and her team have built.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Looking back on our own history at The Healing Rose, we are proud to be consistent champions of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our industry. We have fought to educate elected officials and government agencies about the benefits of a properly and fairly regulated hemp industry. We have pioneered new formulas for cannabinoid wellness and remained committed to only using organic ingredients, including our hemp. It not only results in higher quality products, but is healthier for everyone — Earth and the consumer.

Women’s History Month celebrates the contributions women have made to freedom, culture, science, and the arts. From legacy cannabis, to medical and recreational cannabis and hemp, women have done a lot for cannabis in Massachusetts, New England, and America, and we still have more to do. 

The Healing Rose will be at the New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) in Boston, Massachusetts, from Friday, March 22, 2024 through Saturday, March 23, 2024. Laura Beonher will take the stage in Room 105 at 2:00 with John Nathan, CEO of Bay State Extracts, to discuss Hemp and Minor Cannabinoids. Founders Laura Beonher and Zach McInnis will also be at the Boston Marathon Expo April 12th-14th at the Hynes Convention Center where we will continue to advocate for cannabinoid wellness. Visit us at The Healing Rose booth to meet our all-female staff, explore our products and learn about our plants for the future.

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