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We’ve partnered with Local, Woman-Owned Budsuds to offer their gorgeous soaps that are infused using our full spectrum CBD extract! All CBD soaps are handcrafted in Westfield, MA using the cold process method and cured for 4 weeks before sale.


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*Please note: To lengthen the life of your soap keep it away from direct streams of water and use a well draining soap dish to ensure the bar dries out as much as possible between uses.**

What is CBD Soap?

Simply put, CBD soap is hand, face, or body soap that has been infused with CBD-rich cannabis extract. BudSuds CBD soap is infused with our very own full spectrum hemp extract, which means that this soap contains several beneficial cannabinoids and cannabis plant compounds. Each bar of CBD soap will contain 25mg CBD along with some other amazing beneficial ingredients. Click on the scent you are interested in to view the specific ingredients within that bar of soap. Our facial bar soap options include Eucalyptus & Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemon Charcoal, and Thin Mint!

Is CBD soap the same as hemp soap?

Typically, yes. However, sometimes CBD soap can refer to a product that only includes a CBD isolate or a soap with hemp seed oil, which has no CBD at all. Our hemp bar soap is made from a full spectrum hemp extract which means it will contain CBD as well as several other cannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds from hemp.

How is BudSuds CBD soap made?

In order to infuse our CBD into this soap, we simply add our full spectrum hemp extract to the mixture before the cold process method takes place. All BudSuds CBD soap is handcrafted in Westfield, Massachusetts. This hemp-infused soap is made using a cold process method and then after the soap is formed, it is cured for 4 weeks before it is ready to be sold.

What are some benefits of using CBD or hemp soap?

In order to mazimize the benefits of this CBD soap, we use a full spectrum hemp extract as well as 100% organic ingredients. The soothing ingredients used in each formula of this soap work in conjunction with the CBD to assist dryness and to provide the utmost relief for your skin. Revitalize your hands, face, or any other part of your body that needs nourishment.

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Eucalyptus & Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemon Charcoal, Thin Mint


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