Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract (900-950mg CBD per 1g)


This batch of Phytocannabinoid Rich CBD Hemp Distillate is grown in Massachusetts at a trusted & MDAR Licensed farm who adhere to strict organic farming practices. Our Hemp Oil is 3rd party tested for cannabinoids & terpenes, as well as to make sure it is free of Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, & Microbiological Contaminants.

This product is a Broad Spectrum Extract, meaning that there is 0% THC to ensure that our customers do not have to worry about drug testing with this particular product, as well as any of our other Broad Spectrum products.

Each 1 gram container contains…
Approx. 932.83 mg CBD in 1 gram, along with 1.93mg CBC

This means there are…
50 servings of about approx. 18.7mg CBD per 1 gram

An easy way to dose this extract for formulations is to use a 0.01g kitchen or jewelry scale
-Each 0.01g is 9.33mg CBD

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This product has NO THC and is perfect for making a wide variety of products at home.

To determine how much you need, divide the desired amount of mg of CBD by 932.8mg CBD

Ex. You would like to make a 600mg CBD 1oz Salve/Tincture/Oil/etc.
= 600mg CBD / 932.8mg CBD
=0.643g or 0.64g or 0.6g weighed out on a scale to make a quantity of (1) 600mg CBD product

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dark location and out of any direct light or sunlight. There is no known expiration date for this product, but we recommend consuming it with 18 months of purchasing.

Formula to Use:

Amount (g) of extract needed


(Batch Size (A) X Amount of CBD per tincture (B)) ÷ Amount of Active MG per Gram of Hemp Extract (C)

*For this batch, C=932.8mg CBD

Tincture or Infusion Example Formulation:

Make a 1oz, 200mg CBD tincture
=(1 Bottle X 200mg CBD in Bottle) ÷ 932.8mg (approx.) in each 1gram
=0.214g or 0.21g of the extract needed (weighed out on a 0.01g kitchen/jewelry scale)

Lab Results: PCRHE27 – Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid Rich CBD Hemp Extract


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