The Salve Collection - All 4 Salves


The Salve Collection – All 4 Salves

$200.00 $150.00

All New Formulas – Each Salve is Now 2X the Strength!

Our Salve Collection contains 1 of each full sized 2.25oz Salve.  Maybe you aren’t sure what salve is best for you or find that you love all 4! Each of our Herbal CBD Salves contains unique plant ingredients for different purposes. We found that so many customers were purchasing one of each for that reason, so we created this collection as a way to have all 4 formulas while saving you money.

You will receive the following 4 Salves (2.25oz each):

1. Orange Lavender with Chamomile 1X Herbal Salve (300mg CBD)
2. Raw Cocoa Sensitive Formula 1X Herbal Salve (300mg CBD)
3. Peppermint Spice with Ginger 2X Herbal Salve (600mg CBD)
4. Lemon Ginger with Menthol 4X Herbal Salve (1200mg CBD)

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