Intimacy Struggles? How CBD and Good Health Practices Can Help!

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Intimacy Struggles? How CBD and Good Health Practices Can Help!

Intimacy issues in relationships usually take on one of two forms–physical or mental. With physical intimacy issues, people typically avoid showing any form of affection, sexual or otherwise. While with mental intimacy problems, people usually have something going on in their mind that’s posing as a barrier and preventing a close connection. Your intimacy issues […]

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Need relief from sore muscles? Try a natural bath soak!

A long day at work, a tough workout at the gym, a busy day with no downtime—all of these can leave you with sore muscles. While sore muscles usually subside on their own, the discomfort can make you feel even more worn out than usual. To recuperate faster and find some much-needed relief, a nice […]

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Body Oil vs Lotion: What’s better for skin?

It’s an age-old debate: Is body oil better than lotion? You could ask 100 people about whether body oil or lotion is better and you’d most likely find a 50/50 split in your responses. Both products are often marketed to the same crowd: People who want softer, more supple skin. Some oils and body lotions […]

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5 Ways Organic Massage Oil Increases Relaxation

The health benefits of a good massage are hard to ignore, and a massage could be called the epitome of relaxation. Intense relief can truly be found in just one massage alone. But including a high-quality massage oil offers the opportunity to heighten the relaxation factor that much more. What is the best massage oil […]

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The Importance of Digital Detoxing

In 2020 our phones, TVs, and tablets are the world’s main line of connection and oftentimes community. Although these tools and platforms are great and have brought together millions of people from around the globe for great causes, too much of a good thing can be too much of a good thing. Over-consumption of technology […]

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How to Enhance Your Yoga Practice Using CBD Body Care

By: Jess Palmer, The Healing Rose Customer Relationship Manager In today’s world, we are running off of coffee, social media, and our to-do lists that we often miss out on what is happening right in front of us. This non-stop grind can cause tension, stress, and overall discontent in our lives if we don’t find […]

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What are you Putting on Your Skin? Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare

By Caitlin Moakley of Soil & Spirit With so many skincare products available to consumers, how can we navigate aisles and online marketplaces to find the healthiest products for our skin? As someone who scours ingredient lists and analyzes brands from a 360-degree angle for a living, I want to share what you can do […]